Tourist Development Council

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The Okeechobee County Tourist Development Council promotes Okeechobee County as a desirable tourist destination by funding marketing campaigns and local events that enhance Okeechobee’s economy while preserving natural resources and the quality of life. The Council shall make recommendations for the effective operation of the special projects or for uses of the tourist development tax revenue and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by county ordinance or resolution.

Created By

The Okeechobee County Tourist Development Council was created by Florida Statute 125.0104; Ordinance 92-14; and Resolution 92-14 and 93-31. This Council is considered a "B" Board. 

Membership Details/Requirements

  • All members of the Tourist Development Council shall be residents of Okeechobee County.
  • The Tourist Development Council consists of 
    • 9 Members:
      • 1 County Commissioner; and 2 elected City Council Municipal Officials
      • 6 persons who are involved in the tourist industry and who have demonstrated an interest in tourist development, of which, not less than 3 nor more than 4 shall be owners/operators of tax collecting businesses.
    • All nine (9) members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners at a regular scheduled meeting.

Appointment Terms

  • The terms of the nine (9) members are appointed to serve staggered four (4) year terms. 

Meetings Held

  • Minimum one meeting per quarter pursuant Florida Statute.  The T.D.C Board meets quarterly and typically the second Tuesday of each month.  The Board meetings are subject to change and are typically posted at least 7 days prior to meeting in the Public Notice of the local newspaper.
  • Location: Okeechobee County Historic Courthouse, 304 NW 2nd Street, Room 270, Okeechobee, Florida

Is Financial Disclosure Required to Serve?


Board Coordinator

Okeechobee County Tourist Development Coordinator
55 South Parrott Avenue, Okeechobee, FL 34972
Ph: 863-763-3959

Download  Application at:  Citizen Application for Board Appointment - Revised March 2021 ADA


Designation                             Member                                                          Term Expiration

BOCC Designee                     Commissioner Brad Goodbread                11/21/2024

Elected Official   (City)          Councilwoman Monica Clark                     01/1/2026

Elected Official   (City)          Councilman Bob Jarriel                              01/1/2027

Not Subject to Tax                 Jerri Lynn Hill                                                07/1/2024 

Not Subject to Tax                 Margaret G. Helton                                      07/1/2025

Not Subject to Tax                 Mike Krause                                                  07/1/2026

Subject to Tax                         Dave Desai                                                    07/1/2025   

Subject to Tax                         Dwayne Rexroad                                          07/1/2026

Subject to Tax                         Mary Hayes                                                   07/1/2026