Lake Okeechobee

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man working trolling motor on front of bass boat in lake

About Lake Okeechobee

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush but just think how amazing it would be to have a cold beverage, a rod or a book in hand while watching far more than two feathered friends going quietly about their business on the shores of the sparkling Lake Okeechobee. It isn’t an experience saved for special occasions, either. Visit anytime - the Big O awaits.

A Fresh New World

Lake Okeechobee, the eighth largest freshwater lake in the United States, is a sight to behold, in any weather. Thanks to its balmy location, the Florida landmark stays holiday-ready all year round and it is growing in popularity with savvy vacationers looking for an eclectic experience. There is something for everyone, on and off the lake.


The premier fishing region in Florida, Lake Okeechobee is the main attraction to fishing fanatics from all over the country. We’re all about the bass here.

Whether it’s fishing off a pier or a boat in the “Big O” itself or chartering one of the exhilarating airboats to a more distant, otherwise inaccessible fishing spot, Okeechobee is your oyster (and hopefully a couple of your Largemouth Bass, too)!

The town is a perfect stop off with its plethora of piers, boat launches, stream beds, waterways, and grassy coves providing unlimited choice for fishermen and their seconding teams in charge of the picnic baskets and ice cold refreshments.

If you want some peace and quiet for your cantankerous Crappie lures, you’ll find it. If you want a little more guidance on the best places to catch the elusive Pickerel, however, there are local experts and enthusiastic Okeechobee fishing tour guides always at the ready.

Adventure and Splash

It is hard to believe but some visitors don’t even sniff at a fishing rod the entire time they are in Okeechobee (it’s true, we promise!). No judgment here, especially since the region is also a watersports paradise and an adventure all by itself.

It is an awesome place to discover how much you need adventure in your life, with wild places to explore that are not too far to call for a rescue team (preferably arriving on a high-speed airboat with fanfare and horns to show the gravity of the predicament. Dramatic flair makes any adventure more fun, after all.

There are also amazing hiking trails in several locations within reach of the lake - like the Chandler Slough trail, the Taylor Creek Stormwater Treatment Area (STA), and the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail, for example. Hunting and shooting sport remains a popular pastime with regulars enjoying the unique sites on offer here.

Inspiring Campgrounds

Out of town but not quite, Lake Okeechobee and its surrounding areas offer visitors a rural feel with easy access to convenience and infrastructure. The region is full of ‘hidden gems,’ like nature-hugging campgrounds and breathtaking hiking trails, yet, all the amenities you need are available right up the road in Okeechobee City or in one of its abundant communities nearby.

RV parks are a dime a dozen here, and it is no wonder when one sees the attraction of the lake region far and wide. The parks and campgrounds are fully equipped and each offers unique amenities depending on their primary focus group and location. There are even a few stops catering to the older generation of campers, like Ancient Oaks for over fifty-fives who understands the young at heart also need a place to call their own.

Nature lovers and Eco-tourists

The lull of the Okeechobee ecosystems is almost too wonderful to believe, yet the strangest blend of wildlife and vegetation flourishes in this green haven. The lake is also home to a huge variety of creatures, including the largest concentration of alligators in the region over the last two decades. It is an ecotourist’s dream, with indigenous fauna and flora to study and beautiful things to see in every direction.

Birdwatchers will be equally as excited by the bird list, with several rare species seen often at the water’s edge. The Purple Gallinule, Sandhill Crane, and Crested Caracara are around more often than one might imagine.

However you decide to spend your time at Lake Okeechobee, always remember to appreciate the smaller things in life. If you are really lucky, a Florida Grasshopper Sparrow (on the highly endangered list!) might hop around your toes as you wait for the blasted Bluegills to bite.

Take a ride on the wild side of Florida and visit Lake Okeechobee.

It’s so much more than just another lake.