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entrance of best western hotelHotels

Hotels are a good way to travel, there’s no arguing against that idea. In fact, it is difficult to imagine anything more luxurious than a delectably comfortable bed, with crisp clean linen and a fantastic view through a wide open pane. Throw in fresh and delicious cuisine at the snap of your fingers and no other responsibility than finding a slice of happiness for the day, and the holiday feeling just waltzes on up.

Okeechobee might sound like an obscure location in the middle of nowhere, and strangers would be forgiven for making this mistake the first time. In reality, it is one of the most well-suited locations that holidaymakers will find almost anywhere. it is central, equipped, sunny, serene, and a truly magnificent find, no matter what type of holiday you enjoy.

Major League Hotels

The big hotels in Okeechobee curate awesome packages for guests from all over the globe.  Not that these luxurious establishments need much more than the stunning location, but they want to be sure to exceed expectations.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites is a traditional favorite of many an American traveler, and foreign guests, too. Breakfast buffets that make you want to get up in the morning, wireless facilities, and pillow selections are only some of the benefits of this well-loved franchise.

Hampton Inn Okeechobee (of the Hilton chain) is another firm favorite with returning holidaymakers in season and out. The outdoor pool and business center ensure a healthy balance between work and play, while the proximity to the Brighton Seminole Casino and downtown Okeechobee make this a perfect place to mix business with pleasure.

The Best Western Lake Okeechobee is a renowned choice for seasoned hotel guests and a lot rides on the reputation of the national hotel chain. Close to the Blue Heron Golf Course and with staff who are fully-equipped to serve with a smile, it is the kind of stay where you know the bang for your buck. It has great reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, and its reliable customer service encourages the area’s other large hotels to post competitive rates and quality services.

Last but not least, is the Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Lake Okeechobee, which enjoys the full support of this local community. It is not difficult to see why when you realize the magnitude of the top-class facilities on offer at this recently renovated local treasure. Some of its finest attributes are the professional staff, the waterfront suites with views to put on next year’s calendar, a boat bar floating on the glassy face of the ‘Big O,’ spectacular views of the levee from the rooms on the second floor and up, easy parking access for boats and big-rigs, and close proximity to alternative restaurants and shops.  Don't forget for those meeting planners a nice meeting room and a waterfront boathouse are waiting to make your meeting one that everyone will be talking about!

It is the Inn Season, Even Out of Season

Aside from the primary hoteliers, there are plenty of 2-star and 3-star accommodation options with similar access to the Okeechobee’s highlights. Take some time to explore the variety of reliable choices on the small hotel, motel, inn, and bed and breakfast scene.

Scottish Inns Okeechobee comes highly recommended as a stopover point to the greater Okeechobee attractions. A few nights here is bound to leave you feeling rejuvenated from long days on the road. It is a solid choice on Okeechobee’s motel catalog.

Budget Inn Okeechobee offers a "downtown address and down-to-earth rates’ and it is another great choice for a smaller, but private apartment in a convenient location. Nearby, Economy Inn dominates the center of town, just five minutes away from The Taylor Creek Nubbins Slough Conservation Area and about 12 miles from Paradise Run, a public use area with canal and levee.

Travelodge Suites by Wyndham has all the standard perks of an overnight hotel - continental breakfast, free WiFi, and well-kept rooms. It is only a mile from the public boat launch, putting fishermen right at the heart of Okeechobee’s main pastime, any time of year. The quaint Travel Inn also offers much the same as its downtown neighbors with its centrality to shops, restaurants, attractions, and, of course, the lake itself.

A Few “Local Talent” Hotels

Supporting local talent is always a good idea, especially when it comes to hard-working entrepreneurs adding value to the local economy through innovation, service, and quality offerings. Some of the homegrown hotels and inns deserve a second look against the backdrop of famous Okeechobee sunsets.

The Lakeview Inn and Suites is a self-proclaimed ‘no frills’ residence, with basic amenities and a friendly management team. The cafe next door makes meals a breeze, and prices are reasonable. Nearby the Econo Lodge, now called the Flamingo Hotel, is a flurry of pink in a world of muddy browns and blues. Both places are good for a comfortable room and proximity to the area’s best attractions and activities.

The Hidden Gems of Okeechobee

Savvy travelers know the value of a first-hand experience over eloquent web content, and visitors agree that Angler’s Villa is a great find in the Okeechobee portal. Owner and host, Lois, operates a well-run business with three lovely rooms available to her valued clientele. it is places like these, often overlooked by the crowds, which provide great value for money and a taste of true Okeechobee-an hospitality!

Come as a Stranger, Stay as a Friend

One of the advantages of small town living with large ideas about hospitality is the tendency to get to know hotel guests as friends, not only as paying clientele. Even the huge hotel chains, though still professional and courteous at all times, understand the value of true connection when it comes to making vacation memories of the highest quality.

Many facilities in rural Florida work with local tour operators to provide the best holiday packages right from the hotel. There’s nothing more valuable than tapping into the local wealth of knowledge when discovering a new place. The best bird guides live and work in the area every day, and the same goes for airboating, hunting, and fishing expeditions.

A number of establishments also happen to be pet-friendly, so be sure to confirm arrangements for your furry family members before you make a reservation.

If you find yourself in the high season and unable to check in anywhere, there are plenty more options not too far away. Don’t miss out on Florida’s fishing capital antics. Try out a couple of the hotels in Port St Lucie or Fort Pierce and maintain your access to the sights and sounds of Lake Okeechobee and Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park.

A Tradition of Fun

The Okeechobee region is the kind of place that caters to all types of people.  The active bunnies who can’t sit still can swim, tour, hike, sail, ride, and hit a ball around. The fake picnickers who need to find any excuse to lie down can pick up a good book, place it over their eyes, and let the harmonious lake sounds immerse them in Okeechobee R&R. The unrepentant fisher-husbands can take to the lake or the piers to their heart’s content - no time limits, no expected dinner bells, and no worries.

There’s even a place for the perpetual crochet queens who would rather chill out on a porch and take in the view from the comfort of a springy sofa. Something for everyone and nobody gets left behind. BYOM (bring your own mischief) and come to the Okeechobee playground that’s always sunny and warm!

Beyond the Revolving Doors

Wherever you choose to lay your head down, Okeechobee’s greatest assets will always be outside the four walls. The sun shines all year round, making Florida, and Okeechobee in particular, a popular destination during the frigid winter months up north. It is hard to beat Southern hospitality, and Okeechobee thrives on its tourism industry because it has a talent for leaving a lasting impact on its visitors.

Classic hotel chains, backwater motels, and quaint overnight inns look the same wherever you go, but Lake Okeechobee is where this place distinguishes itself with gob-smacked holidaymakers. It is beautiful, and future generations are going to be able to enjoy just as much thanks to concerted efforts to clean up and preserve the natural habitat in Okeechobee and its surrounding areas.

Where else do you get to admire the adorable Sandhill Crane families treading carefully through the marshy ground. Their search for tasty tidbits draws your eye on to the distant horizon on ‘the Big O’, as you sip on a cocktail and feel a tease on your fishing line. The surviving bass population seems to leap into the sky a meter or two beyond your well-cast line, saluting the spectacular sunsets, and infuriating the ‘expert anglers’ who have been waiting patiently on the shore for most of the day.

Life is good in Okeechobee.