Points of Interest

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The Cliff Betts Jr., Lakeside Recreation Area, located at 200 State Road 78W, on the north shore of Lake Okeechobee, has a 400-foot fishing pier with a covered pavilion at the end providing vantage for scoping birds on the lake and the shore.  This pier is also a popular fishing spot with benches and convenient restroom facilities at the entrance of the pier. The video above shows the pier and the beauty that surrounds it. 


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Of course you can escape, take a drive to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park and escape to nature. Kissimmee Prairie is a land dominated by the great blue sky. Part of the Everglades headwaters, the preserve protects the largest remaining tract of Florida dry prairie, an ecosystem shaped by cycles of flooding and fire. Many rare, threatened and endangered species inhabit this place, and the wide-open landscape means that bird-watchers and photographers have ample opportunity to catch sight of a grasshopper sparrow, crested caracara or burrowing owl. Internationally recognized for its lack of light pollution, the night sky above the prairie is inky black — campers can spot the Milky Way without using telescopes or binoculars. 



The Okeechobee Livestock Market was built in the 1930s by The Dixie Cattlemen, conveniently located next to railroad tracks so various freight and livestock could be transported to their respective destinations. In August of 1948, the building was sold, repaired, and modernized; opening exclusively for business on September 17, 1948, as a cattle market. In 1961, Otis “Pete” Clemons became operating manager of the livestock market. Pete Clemons’ sons, Todd and Jeff Clemons, spent most of their childhood at the livestock market. After graduating from college they returned to work for the family business. In 1989, Todd Clemons became president of the market and Jeff Clemons became manager. Primary sale days are Monday and Tuesday and the restaurant is open Monday - Wednesday from 8am - Sale's End.



Welcome to the vibrant world of Brighton Casino and the culinary haven that is Josiah's Restaurant, nestled in the heart of Okeechobee, FL. Discover the thrill of gaming at Brighton Casino, with a wide array of slot machines, poker tables, and engaging live entertainment, the casino promises an exhilarating experience for visitors seeking a bit of excitement. The Brighton experience promises unforgettable moments that captivate the senses and create lasting memories. Plan your visit to Brighton Casino and Josiah's Restaurant today, where entertainment, dining, and enjoyment converge in the heart of Okeechobee, FL. 

Your Okeechobee adventure will be something to share for years to come so come to the north shore of the lake and make time to take time to reconnect with your family!

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