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Public Records:

Florida has a very broad public records law. Written communications to or from Okeechobee County officials, employees, and agents regarding state or local business are public records available to the public and media upon request, unless exempt from disclosure under one of the limited exceptions provided in the Florida Statutes. Your email address and email communications may therefore be subject to public disclosure. If you do not want your email address and email communications released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact Okeechobee County by phone or in person.

Terms of Use for Social Media:

Comments to the Okeechobee County Government Social Media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are welcome and encouraged; we look forward to hearing from you. For all Social Media sites administrated by Okeechobee County BOCC, our comment policy remains the same. However, user-submitted comments represent the thoughts and opinions of the individual publishing the comment and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of or endorsement by Okeechobee County BOCC. "Likes" are not endorsements. Sharing content or links does not equal endorsement of any kind. Advertisements contained on our Facebook pages or on links provided do not equal an endorsement of any kind. Not responsible for misdirected links or bit.ly.  Okeechobee County BOCC moderates their online discussion sites and they should not be used as a public or political forum. Wherever comments are welcomed, we encourage users to use the feature to share their thoughts, questions and opinions. If a comment does not adhere to this comment policy or to the below terms and conditions of the site, Okeechobee County BOCC reserves the right to remove the comment without prior notification. Further, the County also reserves the right to hide posts that are: 

•Any images, likenesses or audio that includes nudity, inappropriate gestures, words or acts, or do not generally further the mission of Okeechobee County BOCC; 
• Spam, including links to other sites; 
• Clearly off topic; 
• Personal attacks; 
• Foul language; 
• Offensive comments that target or disparage any ethnic, racial or religious group; 
• Advocating illegal activity; 
• Promoting particular services, products, political organizations/forums; 
• Infringing on copyrights or trademarks; and 
• Using personally identifiable medical information.

Site content and posting may be reviewed daily, at which time content may be removed or added based on direction set forth in this policy. Please note that the comments expressed on this site do not reflect the opinions and position of the Okeechobee County government or its affiliates, directors, administrators, officers or employees. By posting a comment or material of any kind on an Okeechobee County BOCC Social Media site, the user hereby agrees to the Terms and Conditions set forth above.


Communication made through email or other computer messaging system shall in no way be deemed to constitute legal notice to Okeechobee County or any of its agencies, officers, employees, or agents, with respect to any existing or potential claim or cause of action or with respect to any notice requirements set forth in any contract or agreement with Okeechobee County or pursuant to law. 

Accuracy of Information:

Although Okeechobee County will make every effort to include current and accurate information on this Website, the potential exits that an error may occur. Therefore, neither Okeechobee County, nor its officers, employees, or agents guarantee or warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of any information on this Website. Okeechobee County is not responsible for the results of any defects or misinformation that may be found to exist on this Website, or for any lost profits or any other damages, consequential or otherwise, that may result from such defects or misinformation. Users are encouraged to review the official version of all documents and information upon which they plan to rely.

Links to External Sites:

Any links from this Website to external sites should not be considered an endorsement of that site by Okeechobee County, nor an indication of Okeechobee County’s affiliation with the linked sites’ owners or publishers. Okeechobee County is not responsible for the content of other websites and does not control such content.


Okeechobee County assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any viruses that may infect your computer, or for any damage to computer equipment or other property on account of access to, use of, or browsing on this website, or from the downloading, uploading, or opening of any materials, data, text, images, video, audio, or links to external sites.

Limitation of Liability:

In no event shall Okeechobee County, its officers, employees, or agents, be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, or exemplary damages, or any damages whatsoever, arising from the use of this Website or from any information found on this Website. If you are dissatisfied with this Website, or any portion thereof, your exclusive remedy shall be to stop using this Website.

Prohibited Uses:

As a User of this Website, you agree to use this Website only for its lawful, intended purposes. You may not use this Website to: (i) provide false information; (ii) distribute computer viruses, worms, computer code, or programming routines intended to damage or alter a computer system; (iii) violate any local, state, national, or international law; or (iv) use or duplicate the Okeechobee County seal in any manner.