RV Resorts and Parks

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RV campground with trees and picnic table

No stranger to keen travelers looking to find a happy family vacation destination, Okeechobee offers a plethora of RV resorts and related campgrounds, too.  Easily accessible via national highways and connected to a thriving business, tourism, and hospitality industries, the town center, and the nearby Lake Okeechobee form a perfect destination for RV enthusiasts from all over the United States, and the globe.

Days spent alongside this huge body of freshwater (the ninth largest in the USA) are never wasted. Whether it is angling or simply drinking in the scenery from behind a good book (or the back of your eyelids), Okeechobee RV dwellers find solace in the peace and quiet. Leaving breathtaking shores and tropical glades filled with palm trees, Inland from the lake lies prairie camping options and a few other memorable hideaways on privately-owned land.

Recreation at its Finest

RV campgrounds are a dime a dozen, especially around the gorgeous Lake Okeechobee. Many of the parks are fully-equipped to house big-rigs, 30- and 50-amp hookups, and power outlets. There are also a few, like the KOA, who offer activities and hire facilities like tennis, banana bikes, ATVs, pools, golf, fishing, and swimming pools.

From a plethora of RV campsites around Lake Okeechobee, Waters Edge Motorcoach and RV Resort is a great option, pretty close to town. Aruba RV Park is a solid favorite for returning holidaymakers, too. It has amazing access to the water’s edge, with each RV site sporting its own mini pier - dream big, fisherman, this is the place to put your feet up and just breathe it all in!

Southern Sun RV Resort is perfect for some catch-and-release fun along the lake, with full amenities and some vacation rental options, too. The River Bluff Fishing Resort also boasts RV and camping sites right on the lake, also with a variety of vacation rentals on hand. For an adult-only stay, mosey on over to the Barlow's RV and Fish Camp perched right on the rim canal of the lake. It offers water with both 30-amp and 50-amp hookups.

The retirement community also has a special place in the heart of Okeechobee. Several resorts cater to the ‘leisure’ generation, like the Summer Breeze RV Park and Storage which is specifically for 55+ campers. Summer Breeze even offer special discounts for truck campers.

Basking in Good Old-Fashioned Hospitality

Experienced RV campers know the value of a reliable campsite with superb hospitality from friendly hosts. Villa Margaret is one of these established RV locations, run with care and particularly popular among returning holidaymakers during the winter months. Silver Palms RV also holds a reputation for spotless landscaping and a buzzing activities calendar to keep all ages occupied throughout the high season.

Whatever your dream RV park looks like, the diversity of accommodation in the area is impressive for such a small county. The high season is packed here and it is advised that you book ahead to ensure you secure your ideal campground.  Even in the busy times, there are plenty of RV parks and campgrounds available in the county, and just out of Okeechobee if you need to move further afield.

The Big Lake Lodge and RV Park is one of the most popular and versatile spots in Okeechobee, with both types of RV hookups, waterfront lots, seven efficiency cottages and ten park home rentals available. It’s a perfect spot on the canal, with private boat ramp giving access to the lake and easy launching. There is plenty of space to fish off the docks or to lounge in the shade of the trees on grassy banks.

The folks at Big Lake are BIG on fishing, and will be happy to get you booked into one of their guided fishing tours or airboat charters. Airboating is an excellent activity and offers great fun for young and old. Fish in otherwise inaccessible outlets, see the alligators and rich bird life up close, toss in a lure or two and see the Big O at its finest.

There’s Camping and then There’s KOA

The Okeechobee Kampgrounds of America (KOA) happens to be one of the most stunning KOA locations in the country. With almost 500 KOA sites, most being situated within the borders of the United States, this is not something to take lightly. Palm trees swaying in the breeze add to the picturesque tropical backdrop and imbue an instant spirit of lasting serenity.

The resort is a wonderful site for all ages to relax and enjoy the best Florida has to offer. There are pools, a golf course, a fitness center, and fantastic views that could easily have rolled right off a set of some exotic Hollywood blockbuster. RV Sites, luxury and rustic cabin offerings, and beautiful campsites are available at the KOA, right on the shores of the lake and within reach of all conveniences you could possibly need during your stay.

The classic American Okeechobee KOA also boasts a social events calendar bursting at the seams. The high season activities remind holiday makers of the celebratory mood that seems to permeate the recesses of life here in Florida all year round. Mardi Gras never gets old.

A Few Alternatives to the Outdoors

The beauty of RV living, compared to tent camping, is the option of balance between indoors and outdoors. All the comforts of home with an ever-changing view out of the window, it is no wonder RV enthusiasts keep coming back to places like Lake Okeechobee. It is not only an outdoor paradise waiting to be explored by the adventurous in spirit, but it also presents an occasion to sit quietly on a porch or in an elegant hotel lounge to enjoy the view and a delicious sundowner (or two).

Many of the established hotels and restaurants in Okeechobee provide a wonderful retreat against the rush of outdoor recreational activities on offer. They overlook the lake, provide close insight into Florida’s natural world, and are conveniently located for peace and quiet and balmy sunset cocktails on the deck.

Mothers can let the kids play while fathers fish off the pier with a cold beverage in hand - read a book, put their feet up, and bask in some “me” time in the place we love. Locals fondly refer to Lake Okeechobee as ‘The Big O,’ taking nothing for granted in the warmth of the Sunshine State.

The Creature Comforts

Lake Okeechobee is quite the freshwater haven for the wildlife here. Seasonal visitors flock to the lake, like the endangered Grasshopper Sparrow which lives in this habitat. It is one of only six such sanctuaries in the world focused on breeding with this dwindling species, and local environmentalists are heavily invested in making the Grasshopper Sparrow a regular listing on the birding scene once more.

There are a couple of more laid back options on the RV scene, like the Zachary Taylor RV Resort which borders the creek but is still nearby the main lake. It still has everything one hopes for in an RV resort, including a pool, but is off the beaten track and a little away from the droves of seasonal visitors to Lake Okeechobee.

The Rim Canal Motel & RV Park (now called Okeechobee Motel) also has basic facilities and great access to the lake. Fish right off the dock and enjoy a mass of local knowledge from the friendly management.  The chilled out RV parks in this area pride themselves on encouraging a ‘nothing to do but fish’ attitude in their guests, but if you need to venture out for anything, downtown Okeechobee is fully accessible with restaurants, window shopping, tackle and bait stores, RV dealers, and local entrepreneurs.

When it is time to disconnect from the digital world, head over to Butch’s RV Fish Camp and RV park in the Taylor Creek region for a few lazy days by the lake. It is right near the Big O, and also down the road from Winterhaven RV who will be glad to help you out with RV hire, repairs, and park home rentals.

Young at heart visitors immerse themselves in all sorts of interesting pastimes, including explore hiking trails, visiting animal rehabilitation parks and farms, doing watersports, learning about the ecosystem, having fun on the lake, and swimming or snoring away the hottest hours of the day. The more contemplative souls can even take some time out to meditate inside the aviary, immersed among the cheeps, tweets, and squawks of a couple of chatty avian bystanders.

Where the Road May Take Us

Many of the RV parks and campgrounds in Okeechobee have a long and rich history, with little change over of ownership since inception, and carefully developed relationships with their valued clientele over the years. If you’re into the Tiny House movement, there are a few great spots in the Okeechobee community to climb aboard, like Lakeside North RV Resort.

Families and friends return to the area year after year, welcoming new blood to the holiday crowds, but also rejoicing in the ongoing relationships they have forged over successive years. There’s something special about bonding with others, relaxing and exploring this wonderful place during the annual Okeechobee vacations together. It is what life on the road is all about.

Okeechobee is the kind of place where the children of the RV and camping world will reminisce about for years to come, telling their own children how much fun they used to have. Locals are working hard to keep it that way, too, especially in preserving the unique creatures who roam in this place.

Come and stay awhile! Okeechobee is your home away from home!