Vacation Rentals

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Discover a unique and comfortable way to experience Okeechobee, FL by staying in one of our charming Airbnb accommodations. From cozy cabins nestled by the lakeside to spacious homes that can accommodate the whole family, our Airbnb hosts offer a wide range of options for travelers. Immerse yourself in the local culture, enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, or relish the convenience of being close to Okeechobee's attractions and activities. With welcoming hosts and a variety of property types to choose from, Airbnb in Okeechobee provides a personalized and memorable lodging experience for visitors seeking a home away from home.

Okeechobee tends to put a spark in the imagination with glimpses into real lakeside relaxation and family-friendly hours filled with laughter in the sunshine. Whether you’re settled into one of the rustic lakeside cabins, with only the sounds of waterbirds for company, or sliding into a more sophisticated milieu within reach of a review-worthy meal, you’ll find it all here in dynamic Okeechobee, Florida.

Let your ideas run wild, the perfect holiday home is only a click or two away.

For available Airbnb homes in Okeechobee, click here. 

Homegrown Smiles

Part of the attraction to the Okeechobee region is the famed hospitality of the vacation rental hosts and agents. A smile goes a long way, and this slice of Florida has more than enough to go around. The Airbnb host community is growing from strength to strength as the popularity of homestays increases across the world.

There is an abundance of different vacation rental options here, from single garden rooms to lowly log cabins, to entire homes that can comfortably house large families (and their friends) in a comfortable and spacious home. A wide range of homes ensures all visitors can find the right price fit for a well-earned break from the rat race.

Traditional Values

Perhaps you want a little more history in your time away, then head on over to the OK Corral Gun Club with 12 cabins to rent and a lot more ‘Old West’ than you would ever imagine this far south. On a farm north of Okeechobee town, The Gun Club is within easy reach of some of Okeechobee’s lesser-known attractions, like the Trading Post Flea Market, and Arnold’s Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and also, obviously, the revered Okeechobee Battlefield State Park.

Nothing Fishy About It

Unsurprisingly, sport fishing is a huge pull to the freshwater lake region. The self-proclaimed “Speck” capital of the world, for its Speckled Perch offering, there is even an annual festival for speck enthusiasts to compete for the coveted title.

Being the largest body of fresh water for miles, Lake Okeechobee features as the primary attraction for Okeechobee County. Other smaller lakes offer some of the same benefits and are accessible for day trips, but it is recommended you take full advantage of the superior accommodation options closer to town (and still on the well-developed northern side of Lake Okeechobee). From rustic cabin rentals to room rentals to entire homes that are furnished and beautiful, Okeechobee caters to a wide range of holidaymakers and unforgettable Florida vacations.

Something Different

Every location has its strong points, but Okeechobee sure has a lot of them. Depending on how far you have come, your perspective on convenience may vary, but a vacation rental always trumps having to pitch a tent and then take it down again. Walk in, feel at home, optimize your time, and leave when you’re ready.

There are some unique offerings on platforms like Airbnb, where hosts know the value of their accommodation and want to share it. If you’re into minimalism, there are are compatible supporters of the Tiny House movement, like Gracious Tiny House Park, who are happy to climb aboard the less is more train. The Gracious Tiny House Park includes RV sites, too.

Okeechobee is in close proximity to shops, entertainment, and dining options, a short drive to the beach, fascinating national parks, unique wildlife, enviable bird lists, and a long list of activities to keep you on your toes when the time comes to roll off your lakeside picnic blanket.

Pack your bags, an Okeechobee adventure awaits!