Clay and Sport Shooting

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Enjoying Shooting Sports

From the Boy Scouts of America, deer hunting, target practice and even airsoft guns, shooting sports is enjoyed and loved by people of all ages and demographics. Its activities reach every style and taste ever conceived.

For some, nothing replaces the raw power of an 8-gauge shot gun’s recoil while firing on those airborne clay. Tagging each skeet in a row makes you feel like you’ve conquered climbing Everest.

How experienced are you? Before purchasing an immensely high-power rifle, get adequately trained on gun safety first. Take a program or class so you can avoid injury and thoroughly delight in your shooting sport of choice.

Why not take it to the next level with the ultimate test. Step up your game with competition shooting events. You’ll be under the judge’s microscope, evaluating your speed, accuracy, and precision. Time to show them those youth shooting programs paid off.

The list of local shooting Sports businesses in Okeechobee at the top  of the page can provide more information of opportunities to compete.

General Shooting Sports Information

Target Shooting Sports

Firing from a fixed stance at a specified area or object that is either stationary or moving. Examples of stationary targets are bullseyes. Examples of moving targets are clay, skeet, and running deer.

F Class Shooting

Named after its founder George Farquharson, a shooting competition using any scoped caliber rifle up to .388 shooting at distances from 300m to 1200m. The competitor lies down on their stomach with the gun secured with a sandbag and bipod.

PRS Matches 

Precision Rifle Series are competitions divided into classifications of skill level and performance. Rifle shooters perform in daily matches to score the highest points to advance to regional finals.  

Beginner Rifle

It should be easy to handle and maintain with reasonable durability and accuracy. A .22 caliber rifle should be the go-to for any newbie which allows them to learn the basics.

Precision Shooting 

Precision rifles must be high power with elite craftsmanship so the shooter can optimize the bullet’s point of entry. Usually, precision rifles are expensive, commonly having bolt action firing.

Tactical Rifle for Hunting 

This is a fascinating, complex debate. From my perspective, tactical rifles weigh a significant amount more and won’t be comfortable carrying around the bush all day long on a hunt.

Pistol Shooting Sports

Shooting at a target with a small hand-sized gun using correct shooting posture and position. It goes beyond a ‘good eye’ and a ‘steady hand.’ With placement of each body part during the shot and follow-through after the blast.

How to Participate in a Rifle Competition 

Find a shooting program you like and learn their rules inside-out. Get the right supplies for the events and contact the program email or phone number to begin the process.

Olympic Shooting Events – Includes 15 different sporting events including rifle, pistol & shotgun comprise six-men events, six-woman events, and three mixed events.

Gripping the handle tight, you can feel the weight of the steel. You revel in its heftiness. 

Finger on the trigger, taking your time to find the right shot. You breathe slowly, calmly. 

When you finally pull it, you know you’ll make your mark - Bullseye. 

Sometimes, people just need to let off some steam and fire a few rounds or more. Whether you’ve had a hard day at the office or looking to impress your date with your aim, the shooting range is the perfect place to be.

Clay & Shooting Sports:

Looking to improve your skills, learn a new sport or just relax? Try shooting.  There is nothing better than a day or even a weekend of meeting with friends and testing your skills.  The shooting sport locations in Okeechobee offer a variety ranges and other amenities.

Okeechobee Shooting Sports is the ultimate shooting and gunsmithing destination in South and Central Florida. Along with Rifle and Pistol Ranges, our outdoor facility has five separate 5-Stand Sporting Clays fields, Trap and Skeet fields and shooting galleries. Friendly competitions for shooters of all skill levels nearly every weekend- without interfering with normal range operations!

The OK Corral Gun Club is Florida’s premier shooting sports club and western town hosting 10 outdoor shooting venues, mining town cabins, recreational and events facility and so much more spread out along our 350 acres real Florida country land. The club is open to the public 6 days a week and is family centric. Memberships are available and lunch is served daily at the High Noon Café. Join us also in the Crystal Ballroom or check out our shooting venues including: Trap & Skeet, two championship sporting clay courses, covered pistol & rifle ranges, wobble deck, 5-stand, 10 cowboy action stages, .22 arcade gallery and competition park. Come out and spend the day with family and friends enjoying all of our modern comforts, lodging and amenities at the OK Corral Gun Club.

Quail Creek Sporting Ranch is located on some of the most beautiful property in Central Florida.  This natural sanctuary is home to a phenomenal location that hosts guided hunts, lodging, dining and shooting sport opportunities. Shooting enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of two scenic, fully automated, 14-station, sporting clay courses, and a 7-station sub-gauge course as well as a comfortable, covered 5 Stand and cart rental, memberships, and much more! Included in your stay is unlimited catch and release fishing on their private 14-acre lake. During non-hunting season (May-September), scenic buggy rides of our beautiful ranch are available. Now under new ownership!

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